How to Have a Successful Outdoor Movie Party with Utah Projectors
How to Have a Successful Outdoor Movie Party with Utah Projectors

What better way to spend a fun evening with close friends and family than having an outdoor movie party? You may be asking yourself if organizing such a party takes a lot of planning and a lot of work, but we’re here to help you make planning the perfect party a breeze. Whether it is a kids’ party or a fun night for grownups, you can easily plan a great party with Utah Projectors. Our locations in Ogden, Salt Lake City and Orem offer convenient access to projector, screen, and speaker rentals. All you need to do is rent the equipment and get your backyard or lawn organized with great food and comfy seats.

If you want a fun evening with friends, an out-door movie party can be a great and unique experience for all that will be remembered for years to come. Of course, for the night to be a big hit, you'll have to have the right equipment, and help from a company with experience with these kinds of parties. That's what Utah Projectors is here for. Let us help you make your big event a success.

Since 2008, we've been providing equipment and support for parties and business meetings up and down the Wasatch Front. Whether you are planning an Ogden wedding, a video game night in Orem, or a Salt Lake City out-door movie party, we have the equipment that you need.

A great outdoor movie party involves a few necessities. It’s always the little things that will make it a hit. Let us take a look at what you will need to have a super movie party in your yard:


A successful outdoor movie party starts with the right projectors and A/V equipment. We not only have everything that you need, but also the technical know-how to make sure you get it set up properly. While some tech-oriented companies can be difficult to work with, we strive to make the experience as painless as possible, so that you can just focus on your event and having a great time with your friends. Plus, we're basically the most affordable A/V company in the area, so you won't have to break the bank to throw the party of the year. It may be such a hit that turn it into an annual event. Utah Projectors has pick up and drop off locations in downtown Salt Lake City (near City Creek mall and across the street from Temple Square) and in Orem.

The equipment can cost a lot if you want to buy it for yourself and we think that renting the equipment is usually a better option than buying. In fact, right now Utah Projectors is offering some great deals on rental packages. Our standard package deal comes with a projector, some heavy duty speakers, and an 84” screen all for $90. We recommend the standard package deals for groups of up to about 30 people.

Standard Package - Utah Projectors

If you want to go all out on your party, you should consider our deluxe package deal which includes a projector, a full stereo (two-speaker) P.A. system with microphone, and your choice of either an inflatable 144” screen or a free standing 120” screen (which happens to be my personal favorite). Our projector screen rentals are top-notch!

Deluxe Package - Utah Projectors

Our Pro Package offers the best equipment that we offer - our HD LCD projectos, your choice of screen, two Peavey PA speakers with mixer, and a microphone. Please be aware, however, that although the pro package is by far the best package we offer in terms of quality, it is the most complicated to setup.

Pro Package - Utah Projectors

Since most people have access to their own laptop computer, tablet, or other device, we recommend just using your device and connection it to the projector/speakers with a VGA or HDMI connection for the video part, and using a standard headphone cable to connect to audio (VGA, HDMI, and 3.5mm audio cable are included in the rental).

Even though we’ve made the setup process really easy for you to do yourself, if your event is a once-in-a-lifetime deal, you might consider hiring us to come and set everything up for you and to stick around just make sure it works properly. For on-site setup and support, please just give us a call at 801-899-6293.


What party is complete without great food? You can keep the menu simple and fuss free. Popcorn is a must! Other snacks like pretzels, nachos, etc. are also delicious and loved by everyone. Having a fuss-free menu ensures that you do not end up with a mountain of dishes that need to be washed after the party.

Don't forget that projectors and audio equipment won't make the whole movie night. You'll need to have plenty of popcorn and other snacks on hand for your guests. And don't underestimate the importance of picking the right movie. For an event like this, it's usually better to pick a favorite of the invitees rather than to all watch something for the first time. A crummy movie and shortage of snacks and drinks can mess up the night regardless of the quality of the picture and sound.


This is another easy part of organizing the party. You do not need to rent seats. Blankets, blow-up mattresses and lawn chairs make great seating options. If you are short of them, you can ask your guests to bring their own and that will save you a bit of trouble.

Have a Great Time!

With great food, seating arrangements, and ambience and of course, a hit movie, you and your loved ones are bound to have a fantastic time. Let Utah Projectors help you throw the best outdoor movie party. As mentioned earlier, these services are also available in Draper, Ogden, Orem and nearby cities.

There's more to being a good host than just putting on a show. That's why you should trust the equipment rental needs to us, so you can focus on your other hosting duties. The next time you have an out-door movie party in Draper or anywhere else on the Wasatch Front, let us help you make it a success. And then keep us in mind for all of your other special events that require A/V equipment.

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