Complimentary Sundance Passes
Complimentary Sundance Passes

For a very limited time, Utah Projectors is offering the use of our corporate passes to Sundance Resort. We love our customers, and this is just one way of saying thanks.

Here's how it works:

  1. Spend $50 with Utah Projectors
  2. Get a day pass to Sundance
  3. Have a lot of fun!

Want two passes? Spend $100 or more with Utah Projectors. Three passes? Spend $150. Four passes? Spend $200. See how this works?

We offer several options for projector and audio/visual rentals. If you're just looking for the bare-minimum to qualify for a complimentary pass, we recommend renting our Epson HD LCD Projector. If you're looking for a major event, we recommend our Pro Package, which includes a projector, screen, mixer, heavy duty PA system, and microphone.

Check out the Equipment Rentals

The availability on these passes is first come, first served. If you're looking for a great deal to go skiing or snowboarding and then have an awesome movie night while you ice your sore muscles, this is it!


Rules, Terms, and Limitations

Of course, Utah Projectors likes to keep things as simple as possible. But there are a few things we need to say in writing:

Utah Projector's customers are welcome to purchase e-giftcards to qualify for the complimentary passes, but giftcards purchased under this condition will expire on May 1, 2015. Here's why: the lift tickets are intended to to promote Utah Projectors during our slow winter months. When summer comes along, Utah Projectors is plenty busy.

Violations of the following may result in legal prosecution and/or loss of Pass and skiing/snowboarding privileges without compensation:

  • Skiing/snowboarding too fast, recklessly or beyond your ability.
  • Skiing/snowboarding beyond CLOSED AREA or AVALANCHE DANGER signs.
  • Swinging or jumping out of chairlifts.
  • Abusive or rude language and/or other misconduct, unacceptable or dangerous behavior.
  • Not following signs, warnings, or instructions.
  • Engaging in activities for compensation while on the ski area or Sundance property, including but not limited to: ski instruction, guiding and soliciting ski students.

The use of these passes automatically means that you agree all of Sundance's rules and regulations as set forth in the Sundance's Release & Indemnity Agreement. Addionally, you agree to fully release Utah Projectors, LLC for any and all claims, injuries, death, damages, expenses or loss arising from, caused by or resulting from your use of Sundance facilities and services including any claims or injuries from your use of ski lifts, runs, parks, surface transportation, parking, events, food services, instruction, lessons, and lodges regardless of whether or not Utah Projectors, LLC was negligent.

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