Outdoor Movie Event Up Provo Canyon
Jason Jason Photo Jason Jason, Mar 13, 2017

It's time for another outdoor movie up Provo Canyon! My kids have never seen Newsies, and I think it's high time to indoctrinate them to "open the gates and seize the day." This will just be a really low-key, kid-friendly event during my kids' Spring Break. Read More About the Event on Facebook Who is invited? If you're my friend, you're invited. If you want to my friend, you're invited too :-) This will primarily be an event for mid-singles, but if you don't fit in that category and you'd like to come, you're invited too. What to bring? Blankets, bean bags, portable chairs, or something else...

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Projector Link - Rent Outside Utah
Jason Jason Photo Jason Jason, Jan 24, 2017

We've been busy here at Utah Projectors and wanted to let you know that if you don't live in Utah, you don't have to worry about not being able to rent high quality, affordable projector and audio/visual rental equipment. Here is a list of a our sister sites that rent out projectors just like we do: Arizona Projectors Vegas Projectors Boise Projectors Seattle Audio Visual Fresno Audio Visual OK Projectors JJ Projectors Projector Link

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Complimentary Sundance Passes
Jason Jason Photo Jason Jason, Jan 29, 2015

For a very limited time, Utah Projectors is offering the use of our corporate passes to Sundance Resort. We love our customers, and this is just one way of saying thanks. Here's how it works: Spend $50 with Utah Projectors Get a day pass to Sundance Have a lot of fun! Want two passes? Spend $100 or more with Utah Projectors. Three passes? Spend $150. Four passes? Spend $200. See how this works? We offer several options for projector and audio/visual rentals. If you're just looking for the bare-minimum to qualify for a complimentary pass, we recommend renting our Epson HD LCD Projector. If yo...

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Halloween Fun with Utah Projectors
Jason Jason Photo Jason Jason, Oct 31, 2014

Don't you wish you had sweet Halloween decorations like me? For $60 for the projector rental and $30 for the speaker rental (The weekend rental rate, because it was on a Friday night.) I had the best Halloween decorations that everyone stopped to look at. We had a few kids that would take a break from their Trick or Treating to sit on our lawn and watch the 10 min loop of video downloaded from HalloWindow.com. You can do it from the outside of your house on Halloween night or set the features on the projector to rear projection and show them on a sheet hanging in your window depending on the w...

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Rent a Projector in Ogden
Jason Jason Photo Jason Jason, Apr 29, 2014

Great news for the people of Ogden, UT!!! Utah Projectors has just reopened our Ogden, Utah pickup and drop off location. Now you can rent a projector in Ogden! We present to you our newest member, Rennan Whittington, who will be running the Ogden branch. Check out how handsome he is in the picture below. So What Does This Mean For the People of Ogden? You may be asking yourself "so what?" or "why should I care?" To answer that question you just need to envision yourself surrounded by your best friends and family having an outdoor moving party in your backyard or in the park with the perfect...

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How to Have a Successful Outdoor Movie Party with Utah Projectors
Jason Jason Photo Jason Jason, Apr 23, 2014

What better way to spend a fun evening with close friends and family than having an outdoor movie party? You may be asking yourself if organizing such a party takes a lot of planning and a lot of work, but we’re here to help you make planning the perfect party a breeze. Whether it is a kids’ party or a fun night for grownups, you can easily plan a great party with Utah Projectors. Our locations in Ogden, Salt Lake City and Orem offer convenient access to projector, screen, and speaker rentals. All you need to do is rent the equipment and get your backyard or lawn organized with great food and...

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